Trainline Business Account Registration

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  • All in one platform

    Compare prices from hundreds of train and coach companies in Europe and in the UK and book your ticket online, all in one platform!

  • A smart way to manage your business trips

    Manage tickets from your smartphone and get real-time notifications on your trip.

  • Integrated expense reports

    You can use your CONCUR account for your travel expense management and connect this through TRIPLINK.

All the benefits for your company and your employees

  • All trains and destinations in one platform

    Choose from over 270 rail and coach operators in 45 countries, buy tickets quickly and save time, effort, and money.

  • No service fees

    Register your business for free and book for colleagues and external guests

  • Keep your business trips under control

    Allow your employees to easily manage their trips in real time and manage all tickets from your smartphone.

  • Safety first

    Our iSOS integration allows you to follow your employees safely on their journeys.

  • Expenses and invoices in one place

    Track and manage your company’s travel expenses and store invoices in one place.

  • Use AMEX to get more benefits

    Add and store your card to benefit from all the advantages of American Express BTA.