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Youth Fare Offer


Sorry. This offer has expired.

Youth Fare Offer

This summer, Thalys is offering a discount for passengers under 26 in second class to all destinations!

Price of a single journey according to destination:

Paris – Belgium: €29
Paris – Germany: €35
Paris – The Netherlands: €35
Belgium – Germany: €19 (except Liège – Aix: €12)
Belgium – The Netherlands: €29
Lille – The Netherlands: €29
Lille – Belgium: €19
Belgium – South of France: €55
The Netherlands – South of France: €60



Valid for trips until 27/08/17. Valid for trips between 06/07/17 until 27/08/17.
Tickets are on sale until 24/07/17. Tickets are on sale from 04/07/17 until 24/07/17.

Non-exchangeable, non-refundable. Promotion is available only in 2nd class.