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You are going to love
buying train tickets.

Our values

We don’t hang tacky inspirational posters on our walls but we do respect a few rules, both internally and when talking to clients.


Be simple

  • Whatever you do, don't overdo it.
  • Focus on the heart of the matter.
  • Speak a common language devoid of jargon.

Be honest

  • Be frank and sincere with everybody.
  • Sell train tickets, not personal data or advertising.
  • Do everything you can to help a client but don't promise anything.

Be entrepreneurial

  • Offer solutions and make things happen.
  • Accept chaos, trust your own intuition.
  • Never give up. Always find a better way.

Be human

  • Speak human, not business.
  • Know your weaknesses and accept those of others.
  • Listen carefully so you can respond with great care.

Be open

  • Trust your colleagues and respect their talents.
  • Give feedback and learn from it too.
  • Have a sense of humour.